Time & Frequency Distribution 時間和頻率分派


Time & Frequency Systems 時間和頻率系統
GPS Synchronized Clocks GPS同步時間伺服器
Modular Timing Systems 模組化時間系統
Frequency Standards 標準頻率源
Time & Frequency Distribution 時間和頻率分派
NTP / PTP Time Servers  NTP / PTP時間服務器
Timing Cards 時間卡
Time Display 時間顯示
Time Measurement Equipment 時間量測儀器
Network Synchronization 網路同步
Custom Solutions 客戶解決方案
OEM Solutions OEM解決方案
Military Timing & Frequency 軍規時間和頻率
Training Video 培訓影片
NTP Network Time Servers NTP 網路時間服務
PTP (IEEE 1588) Solutions PTP (IEEE 1588)解決方案
Time & Frequency Standards 時間和頻率標準
Time & Frequency Distribution 時間和頻率分派
Modular Time & Frequency Systems 時間和頻率系統模組
Time & Frequency Measurement 時間和頻率量測
Digital & Analogue Time Displays 數位和指針時間顯示
Antennas & Lightning Protectors 天線和雷擊保護
Military & Defense Specific Products 軍事與國防特定產品
Remote Systems Management 遠程系統管理
Bus-Level Timing Boards 時間卡

Time & Frequency Solutions offer an unrivalled range of highly reliable time and frequency distribution amplifiers, including features such as dual inputs with automatic changeover and multiple independently-buffered outputs. Our products cater for a wide range of input signals, including  IRIG A, IRIG B, Have Quick, 1PPS, as well as low phase noise reference frequencies.

FDA1050 FDA1050 Frequency Distribution Amplifier - provides ten outputs from single or dual input source with network interface option
FDA2050 FDA2050 Time & Frequency Distribution Amplifier provides twenty outputs from single or dual input source with network interface option
 fdu-160i unbranded FDU-160i Advanced Frequency Distribution Amplifier  Network enabled high performance signal distribution amplifier
 FTSU-100D unbranded FTSU-100 Frequency & Time Synthesiser - high performance signal distribution amplifier designed for use with the PTS Precision Time System
 FDU-240 unbranded FDU-240 Frequency Distribution Unit - provides 24 outputs (5MHz or 10MHz) and has optional clean-up OCXO with low phase noise outputs. The unit is also available as a transfer switch.
 IBU_240 unbranded IBU-240 Frequency Distribution Unit - provides 24 timecode (transformer coupled) outputs
 TDU_310 unbranded TDU-310 Multi-Channel Time Distribution Unit - high output count, high performance time signal distribution amplifier.


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